Power Wash House in Spring or Fall

Power Wash House in Spring or Fall

Power washing the exterior part of your home is one of the most important/crucial ways to maintain your outdoors. Power washing, as it sounds, is capable of descending a magnificent look to your home, and apart from this beauty, it does other things such as removing mold upbuild and others. You can power wash several parts of your home, including your deck, fence, or concrete surfaces. And here you are wondering when to Power Wash House in Spring or Fall?

The question, “which time of the year is the best to power wash?” has always been asked by homeowners. However, it can also be tricky to discover which time is perfect to power wash certain areas in the home.
To power wash in the spring or the fall is your choice, but a lot can be done in either season. There is no easy way or shortcut in carrying this out. This article gives you insight into the areas that can be cleaned in the spring months and the ones that require waiting till fall.

What is power washing?

Power washing, as many know it is the act of making use of pressurized water to remove dirt, algae, and all other forms of pollutants from the outdoor surface. A power washer, also called a pressure washer, is the powered machine that performs this cleaning operation. Methods of power washing vary as it depends on the person operating, the surface being cleaned, and the machine in use.

In other words, power washing is a method of washing that involves using a heavy-duty power washing machine to brush away dirt, debris, and more from outdoor surfaces through the use of highly pressurized hot water. Surfaces like heavily soiled concrete, driveways, and other hard surfaces are usually best cleaned by power washing.

Should you power wash your house?

To some homeowners, power washing seems to be just an add-on. This is because they are ignorant of the benefits that come with it. Power washing should be on the agenda of any homeowner.

The exterior of your home is exposed to various harsh elements and natural conditions such as dirt, insects, ultraviolet rays, birds, and the sun not to mention smoke, pollutants, car exhaust, and acid rain. All these natural conditions constantly affect your come; this might cause soiling, damage, and even discoloration.

However, Power washing is the most striking and effective way to make sure the exterior part of your home is clean and healthy and also to secure your investment and your family’s health.

What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing or power washing is the spraying of high-pressure water to remove mold, grime, mud, chewing gum, dirt, dust, loose paint, and mud from objects like buildings and vehicles.
What is the difference between pressure washing and power washing?

Most people often think pressure washing and power washing perform almost the same function. However, this is not so. The sole difference between pressure washing and power washing is the heat. Power washing which comprises heated water makes use of heated water. Alas, the water in the pressure washer is not heated.

The effectiveness of the power washer’s heated water is mostly experienced while cleaning tough spaces with grime, mildew, salt, and grease. Generally, heated water makes cleaning exercise easier, as seen in dishwashing and hand washing. Therefore, the heated water in power washing makes the cleaning job easier.

Due to the fact they clean/wash surfaces faster, usage on softly soiled surfaces is capable of causing damage to such surfaces. It is then advisable to know the kind of surface to be power washed before commencing the Operation. Surfaces like concrete or cement are majorly fit and are the best for power washing.

How often should you pressure wash your house?

It is often difficult to decide which time of the year to pressure wash your home. In most instances, Just a look on the surface sends you a message that the house needs pressure washing. However, if this doesn’t come up, you can run a check by carefully running your finger across the sliding. If your fingers happen to accumulate a bunch of irritating dirt, then it is time to employ the service of a professional pressure washer cleaner.

When is the best time to power wash your house?

Power washing your home in some instances does not need to be done at your will. Normally, the best time to commence the cleaning process at home is when the weather is neither hot nor cold. So to say, fall and spring are absolutely the best seasons to pressure wash your home.
Prior to this, pressure washing should not be considered as some special task.

It should be part of your home maintenance routine. When this is done at necessary intervals, you’re reducing the possibility of the occurrence of mildew and mold or even any unforeseen damage to your home.

In addition to this, the best time you decide to pressure wash your house doesn’t matter; what matters is that you make the best out of the cleaning exercise when it is done. This, accompanied by the best weather, season, and most importantly, the best service for the job, will create a very sound pressure washing result.

Most homeowners do not like pressure washing their amidst winter, probably because it can bring about ice build-up. Before this, there were quite a lot of advantages stuck in pressure washing your various surfaces during early spring or late winter.

The warmness of the spring, which supports pressure washing, enables you to get rid of all the grimes that can get carried to your home by snow and do away with salt and sand from your driveway.
It gives your office or home a great look when your neighbors or passersby start coming out after the cold.

It is always advisable to settle down for a pressure wash when everything looks dirty to you. Your driveway, do you think it seems grimy? Have you noticed green algae growing on your patio? Did the finger over your sliding reveal a thick layer of dirt on it?
All these are just enough reasons for you to set up a pressure wash session for your home.

Can you pressure wash window screens?

Yes, you can, but the risks that come with it, especially if you’re not experienced, are just something to worry about. The proper handling and usage of this equipment are just necessary. Pressure washers are capable of shattering glasses or even damaging your slide. The washing process can be less effective when some homeowners fail to load the pressure washer with the right quantity of water. Before this, an inexperienced pressure washer will load too much water, thereby resulting in damage.

You can pressure wash your window screens, but it requires a lot of care and caution.
When doing this, there are quite a couple of things you need to ensure are in place.
One of these is high-pressure water; a PSI of 2000 is way too high and can undoubtedly damage your window screens.

Confirm that you get a lower PSI for the job at hand. Also, you have to ensure that you are doing it in the right way. You have to master the right spraying pattern as concentrating on a spot puts pressure on such spot and is likely to weaken and break the window.

In addition, you also have to make sure you are not spraying your head on; too much pressure on the glass by hitting the window directly is not good. The nozzle can be adjusted to a 45° angle or thereabout.

Common mistakes most Diy window cleaners also make is to clean the window frost and then pressure wash. This, according to professional window cleaners, is not right. According to professional window cleaners, windows should be thoroughly cleaned after pressure to avoid leftover residues.

Although it makes the work seem easier, chemicals can make pressure washing risky as well. Soils and plants near your window are not safe while the work is going on.
However, all these are taken into consideration by professionals, thereby causing less harm to plants.

Best time of the year to power wash your house, Power Wash House in Spring or Fall

The fall and spring are absolutely the best seasons to pressure wash your home

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Should you pressure wash your house before painting?

When pressed by the dirtiness of their outdoors, most homeowners often forget to wash the exteriors before painting is done. People often ask if it is necessary to get the outdoors washed first before painting. Oh yes, it is; washing the surface to be painted is as important as painting the surface.

You must note that although the power washing task can be carried out on your own, the painting task is most likely to be carried out by experts. Get a professional painter after power washing, and be rest assured that your home is coming out in colors.

In addition to this, it is very important to make sure the surfaces are thoroughly washed so that the undercoat can bond well with the new coat. Do away with all cobwebs, debris, and dirt.
Also, make sure you clean off the gunk.

When this is done, the paint will be able to beautify the home due to direct contact with the surface.
Most of the time, mildew accumulates on the siding of some houses. However, the only way to get rid of mold is by washing it off with bleach.

Conclusively, to achieve the expected pressure washing effect, all equipment must be in place, and the service of a professional is necessary if a homeowner feels clueless about the task. It doesn’t matter if the power washing task is done in spring or fall; what matters is what comes out of it and how long your home stays dazzling.

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