How often should you pressure wash your house

How often should you pressure wash your house

Are you waiting till it gets so dusty? Where is your home location? A dusty vehicle road area? Don’t you think a good scrub is needed? Then, you do not have to hesitate any longer but get a professional pressure washer cleaner!. Nevertheless, you might as well be able to tell when to do these by the time you must have run your fingers through sidings of some surfaces in your home, and you then detect how dirty and dusty it is already. Here comes the question of how often should you pressure wash your house.

Pressure washing your house every few months! Most especially when your house is located near a dirt road, near a lot of trees (as sap infiltration will occur), after a huge storm, during raining, humid or hot weather (and this exposes your house to mold and mildew growth) in one way or the other.

Note: Ever heard of wear and tear? Yes! Your house is liable to this whenever you follow a daily cleaning routine, that is, “cleaning too much.”

However, the average pressure wash routine ought to be done at least once every year! Following the order of the “rule of thumb.”
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Is pressure washing good for your house?


If you asked this question, you are still unsure of the benefits of “good” pressure washing your house. To clear your doubts, we will discuss the surprising benefits of pressure washing your house as a homeowner that you are!

It is the most assuring way of protecting your most significant investment. It makes living easier by saving you time and money.

Here are some of these surprising benefits of pressure washing your house in Oyster Bay, Brookville, Westbury – or any other location. They are:

  1.  Your house gets protected from mold and mildew infestation, thereby preventing your health from complications like asthma, breathing issues, and allergic reactions.

2.  Reduces the probability of home hazards or injury such as slipping off or falling as you pressure wash sidewalks or footpaths in your house.

3. Allows you the liberty of pressure washing any area in your house, whether it’s your delicate sidings or driveway.

4. Gives you a quick cleaning done over other cleaning methods, hence, saving your time! Even when you eventually get to scrub your home’s every inch with a sponge or brush, including the home sidings. Those large areas are done only within a short period, unlike when it’s done with other cleaning methods.

5. Provides a high maintenance precaution for your property, which increases in value because a poorly-maintained property only gets a decline in its value and might later sky-rocket to future complications.

6. Provides you an environmentally friendly relationship by helping you remove mold and algae, tackling grime or dirt, and protecting your home environment without any harm.

7. Expels future and present home contaminants that can cause damage to your house. For example, houses in Massapequa are known for their common infestation of algae, mildew, and mold whenever their sidings are poorly maintained. In addition, areas like Long Island require pressure washing because of their high moisture and humidity.

8. Gives your home walls the second chance of painting by removing any possible contaminants, dust, grime, and dirt within the surface.

The above important benefits of pressure washing your house should have brought you to the light of knowing how needful it is for you to carry out this operation. You can go further by requesting a free pressure washing estimate from any local experts at Pressure Washing today and Majestic Window Cleaning.

How often should you clean the exterior of your house?

Care about Nature taking its toll and deteriorating home exterior structure? Mold or mildew infestation? Then you ought to; Regularly! Or 12 to 17 months at least.

Going by this, your home must be considered in a dirty and dusty area, which is why you must wash based on your home location irrespective of the standard conditions met.

Moreover, cleaning should be more intense and severally, in areas where their house is located nearby a construction site because of the condensed constant dust.

Is power washing your house good or bad?

Yes or No?

Are you looking for the right answers? What to consider about power washing before getting started? To know the right choices to make or make, we would let you know the pros and cons of power washing your house.

To know why it is good, the following reasons below will aid you in knowing why it is good or expose you to the numerous benefits of pressure washing!


  • Pressure washing provides you with a clean exterior surface.
  • It can be used on any surface, including the outdoor surfaces like the driveway, sidings of your home, and back deck.
  • The pressure washer does the overall job of what different cleaning tools will have to do.
  • Give your furniture a new-like look.
  • Make your Cleaning job done as soon as possible in a shorter amount of time.
  • Pressure washers are user-friendly and straightforward to use even as a novice at it.

While pressure washing can provide you with all of these, bear in mind that it can as well do more harm than good! Hence these inconveniences become the “cons.”


  • Power washing makes your sidings liable to damage, earning you the cost for a repair.
  • Can cause wood rot on your beams during the process of shooting up water towards the top of your house.
  • Can cause water in the walls of your house
  • Power washing allows lead paint chips, both small and large, to blast all around the surroundings of your house, and this is imperative to the health, both for you and your kids and neighbors.

With these, the bottom line is that you should know when and how to use your power washing machine at home.!

How often should you power wash your driveway?

You want to know when? The answer is simple, once a year!.
As recommended by professionals.

When you do so, your driveway will be free of grimes and dirt. You can as well wash it when you have the time to keep it in shape.

Is pressure washing a driveway illegal?

Yes, it is illegal!

The reason is that washing a driveway creates pollution by making runoff contain oils, greases, active chemicals and thus gives the local authorities and government the authority to regulate “runoff water” in communities.

Why is it illegal to pressure wash the driveway?

This is because of the end product and pollution coming from the harmful water runoff from you washing your driveway, which is why the Clean Water Act states that no harmful substances must enter the drain. Moreover, by following the necessary procedures of disposing of driveway wash water, you will be free from getting fined by the law.

More reasons why; is that these wash water from the driveway pollutes a nearby storm drain or waterway, kills living water bodies, and affects the ecosystem.

How often should you power wash vinyl siding?

Once a year!

As a homeowner, your sidings should be pressure-washed with vinyl once a year. When you have mildew or mold buildup, it is advisable for you only to pressure wash at that moment.

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How often should you power wash your deck?

Once a year!

The question many people ask, and the answer is simple once a year. If you want to know how then you are right at the moment! You must also consider some things before you carry out any washing activities on your deck.

Before that, please note during winter, it is likely to get your outdoors properties mudded by winter’s dust, including your deck, as there would be a constant buildup of mildew and dirt.

To keep your deck in optimal condition, you need to;

  • Stick tightly to its user guide and instructions
  • In spring, do not forget to power wash your deck with utmost scrutiny
  • Make it a routine of washing it annually
  • Let the nozzle be at least 12 – 18 inches away from the wood.
  • Lastly, set your power washer at 500 – 600 psi for some hardwood.

Can you get sick from pressure washing?


Due to the strong pressure, you are likely to get sick if you accidentally make the wrong move. Most of the time, it could be from underlying issues in the house that you’re about to pressure wash.

Your health can be affected when pressure washing if you do not take proper precautions, and this could result in a cut on your wrist. In addition, getting sick is usually a result of cleaning off things that have mildew, mold, or algae. There are even cases of respiratory issues as a result of mold or mildew released into the air.

There is also the risk of chemical exposure when you power wash! Whereby the chemical causes an explosion, or you could end up having a cut that could harm your health.

Aside from these, chemicals can cause severe individual damage to the brain, lungs, nerves, and cancer. So, for instance, where you use chemicals in a pressure washing environment, bear in mind that you must do well to know the necessary information about their use, dangers, health, and safety risk, and lastly, their disposal recommendation.


Should I pressure wash my house before painting?


This is certainly an ideal way of ensuring that the new coat of paint you will get won’t be a waste by the time you want to paint your house. Hence, your paintings will last longer than expected.

Mode of the effect of these chemicals (from a power wash)

There are ways or channels through which these chemicals get to affect one’s health, and you are at more risk if you have been exposed for hours to these intoxicating chemicals.

Here is how it happens;

  • Through the air via your nose
  • Through the skin making, you end up having a horrible rash
  • By ingesting the dust from the chemical which had settled on your lips.
  • Exposure to carbon monoxide whenever you are in a closed space.

Safety tips when pressure washing?

Like it is commonly said that “prevention is better than cure.” There are preventive measures to follow while using a pressure washer

They are:

  • By wearing a protective mask
  • Put on a boot to protect your foot from leaks coming from the power spray.
  • Wear eye protection google.
  • Spray at arm’s length and not towards you
  • Avoid multi-usage of your power wash

Take away!

Homeowners should be able to know the right time to power wash.
Also, whenever there is an accident with power wash chemicals, please do not hesitate to call 911.

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