How long does it take to pressure wash a fence

How long does it take to pressure wash a fence

Pressure washing a fence gives the fence a new look. After many years of constructing a fence, it is evident that the fence will now look dirtier as a result of exposure to the sun and other hostile atmospheric conditions. So when you pressure wash your fence, you’re instantly doing away with all this accumulated dirt and mildew.

It is also very important to pressure/power wash your fence before painting or staining. If you intend to pressure wash your fence, the wood must be prepped by rinsing off the dirt or mildew. Failure to do this puts you at the risk of sealing any dirt or mildew into the fence. With this, the material is liable to warp or break over time.

Homeowners that intend to pressure wash are often curious about how many hours it would take them to pressure wash. If you’re doing the job yourself, it should not take you more than 2-2.5 hrs if every needed material is in place. It is also advisable that you pressure wash your fence after poor weather to enable you to remove any death that was caused by the poor weather.

If we are talking about the Best season to pressure wash, spring is always the best as it will enable you to wash away the dirt and grime your fence accumulated during the winter.
However, there’s more pressure washing your fence, and you need to know what awaits you in this piece.

Best pressure washer nozzle for fence

The right nozzle is sometimes more important than the PSI or GPM of the respective Washing unit. The nozzle, as you know, formulates the pressure in the water stream to hit you to be cleaned fence surface.

However, if you choose the wrong nozzle, probably the one that applies too much pressure, you are at the risk of damaging your fence. High-pressure nozzles can peel your car paint and bugle chunks out your wood deck and other undesirable effects.

It would be best if you experimented with the nozzle first before attempting to use it.

To this effect, you should know that there are 4 to 5 color-coded nozzles that pressure washers come with. They are 0-degree (red), 15-degree (yellow), 25-degree (green), 40-degree (white), Soap (black)

This 40-degree nozzle allows a small but very mighty power jet. It is known for its ability to get rid of very tough stains like tree sap, dried gum, glue, tar, mildew, etc.
How do I know the proper nozzle to pressure wash my fence?

How do I know the proper nozzle to pressure wash my fence?

However, if you’re new to pressure washing, you might be confused as you’re trying the machine for the first time; here are some general rules you need to adhere to before embarking on pressure washing your fence.

When trying to clean a vinyl or wooden deck, you should not consider a 0-degree nozzle or even a 15-degree nozzle unless you feel like the fence to be pressure washed is completely dirty and you intend to paint or stain it.

You can start with the one with the widest range, a 40-degree nozzle. Then start the process at about 24 inches away from your fence. Start moving closer gradually. You should note that you don’t have to be closer to the fence by 6 inches. If you then notice that it’s not removing although you’re close, the. You should know it’s time to try another narrower angled nozzle.

Should I pressure wash my fence before staining?

Staining your fence pressure washing it is just out of it. The fence you’re trying to wash must be so filthy with grimes and dirt. If you should then stain the fence without washing it, you’re doing yourself no good.

The stain/paint you are adding to the old surface cannot stick properly to the surface as the older coat is closer to the surface.

So, before any staining is done to your fence, you have to get it pressure washed and make sure you leave no traces of the older coat there. Doing this will not only make your fence shine more but also make the new coat stick to the wood well, thereby making it last longer.

Best pressure washer for wood fence

Pressure is measured in PSI which means ‘pounds per square inch. So the normal Pressure stages for different power wash range from thousand to hundred PSI. Most people do not waste their time pressure washing and therefore jump to the highest stage of pressure available.
You should never make this mistake as these levels are capable of damaging cement and brick surfaces. It even destroys softer woods 9r lighter surfaces.

How much PSI do you need to pressure wash a fence

What is the Safest PSI?

The safest PSI to start with is 500 PSI, and you should make sure you’re taking note of the increment, probably with a safe to use board that you do not need. When the pressure washing is carried out on very softwood such as pine or cedar, you can range to 500-600 PSI.

You should know that it will be harder to remove some tough mildew and dirt from it when it comes to harder wood. Due to this, you can adjust the pressure to up to 800-1100 psi. However, you also have to know that you should not go more than 1200 PSI for any wood to avoid damage.

Which tip is the best for pressure washing fences?

You have to make sure you select the right and best tip for the job. We advise you to make use of the fan tip. The fan tip will help splay the jet. It will disperse the spray and, at the same time, make it even. It would be best to be careful not to use a rotating tip on your wooden fence surface.

The fan tip size is measured in degrees and has 40-60 as a standard size. A degree fan tip of 60-80 will ensure enough water flow at less pressure.

Thirdly, you also have to make sure you’re using the proper technique. Again, an inconspicuous area is the best to do this. Secure a spot where your activities will have less or no effect and test the pressure on a small used piece instead of a large one if it needs replacement.

Ensure the area is clear from windows, children, or even pets before pulling the trigger. The pressure at which water comes out of the pressure washing nozzle is capable of shattering windows, and of course, it is also harmful to the skin of both humans and animals.

Nevertheless, the dazzling look pressure washing will deliver to your home is just something you should look forward to.

Most beginners tend to also come out with nice results if they’ve undergone deep research. However, most people find pressure washing wooden surfaces like their fence tricky and prefer to give the job to their nearest pressure washing local service.

Is it ok to pressure wash wood fences?

Yes, asking if you should pressure wash your fence is like asking if you should take your bath. We are talking about your home here. Imagine if an old friend comes visiting and they couldn’t recognize your house due to your dirt-ridden fence.

Pressure washing your fence is vital. All you have to do is to consider the necessary precautions. Getting to know if your fence is softwood or hardwood.

The right psi and nozzle, and the correct fan tip. The knowledge of all these will guarantee you a hitch-free pressure washing moment.

Does pressure washing make a fence last longer?

Woods are known for their thickness and strongness, but the fact that they are not impregnable to human nature stands. The sun, rain or even the acidic one, storm, and even wind are all elements of nature to which the fence will react to. All these are capable of reducing the wood’s thickness or even destroying it.

However, when you pressure wash your fence from time to time, this will gradually reduce the effect of these conditions on your fence. Also, apart from just washing your fence, you can choose to paint or stain your fence.

When this is done, termites and other wood-eating insects won’t be able to penetrate your wooden fence, thereby prolonging your fence shelf life.

Before all these, when we look at this in the normal sense, things tend to last longer when we take care of them. So, when your fence is being treated like you treat your room every day once in a while, it will automatically last longer.

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Power Wash House in Spring or Fall

How often should you pressure wash your house

Best time of the year to pressure wash a house

Pressure washing during winter is known to allow for the accumulation of ice. However, Various surfaces of the home can be pressure washed at different seasons.

Most people prefer the spring when flowers and leaves grow back rather than the fall when all leaves are falling. The season you get your pressure washing does not matter as to how it’s done.

A good pressure washing should be felt in your neighborhood and make your neighbors wonder if you just imported your house. You can get a pressure wash when the dirt is just too much for you to bear and the dirt wants to turn your home into an old inn.

You might not know when your house is dirty. But you can just run a finger across your sliding to check it would gather dirt. If it does, your pressure washing must be done any moment from then.


Your fence rules your home’s exterior sight. Keeping it in good condition will not only speak of your tidiness; a dust-free fence guarantees a neat compound and protects the health of you and your immediate family.

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